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Important Things You Should Know Before Applying for Canada PR Visa

Canada has always been the favored goal for migrants from everywhere throughout the world. Better career openings, better educational systems, social securities, world-class medical systems, and prosperous lifestyle with a steady future attracts in individuals to move to Canada. Canada is a youthful nation and is regularly called the “paradise for immigrants”. It has a standout among the best and profitable migration policies all through the world. It welcomes more than 200,000 immigrants consistently every year.

If you want to migrate to Canada permanently, you should apply for residency instead of just a temporary visa. Permanent residency, or PR as usually known, is a status which is allowed to only those persons who are eligible to apply for this visa. In the event if your application is rejected, you can appeal. Hence, it’s essential that your PR application is good at the first time to finish a fruitful Canada Permanent Residency process.

Different Types of Canada Visas:

Canada encourages migration through different types of immigration programs. Through these programs one can get a Canada PR visa easily, some of them are as below:

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed
  • Provincial Nominees
  • Quebec Selected Skilled workers

Canada Permanent Resident Visa benefits?

  • You can Live, work and settle permanently in Canada, without any restriction
  • You can earn more of what you are earning now and work for any organization you wish to
  • If you get married your children’s and wife likewise can fly with you with no extra family visa
  • Your Kids will get free education and your spouse can work for any organization in Canada
  • There is no need to pay for medicines for you and your family, the Canadian government sponsors it for the whole family.
  • After staying in Canada for 3 years you can get to become a Canadian citizenship.

What Are the Requirements for Canada Immigration?

  • Your Age should be under 40 years
  • At least you should have a Bachelor’s degree
  • You should have a work experience of minimum 2 years
  • You must have an ability to talk, read and write English
  • You must have a score of 67 points in the Canada’s Points based migration choice framework
  • You must be a great wellbeing
  • And there should be no criminal records against you

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