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How To Apply For Hong Kong Visa

Hong Kong is a standout amongst the best city in China, as far as economies in Asia. There are various options available if you are skilled, experienced and wish to work and settle in Hong Kong. Permanent resident of Hong Kong has a right to abode. This implies outsiders have a legal right to go back and forth from Hong Kong and to accept any position that is offered, to study or to approve any business.

Hong Kong is a fantastic goal to work and settle and furthermore who needs to work abroad. Individuals who are great in their educational qualification and right ability blend of expert experience might be qualified for a skilled Hong Kong work visa.

Sponsor in Hong Kong:

While it isn’t compulsory in the event that if you have a sponsor it can encourage your Hong Kong migration application. A sponsor must be either a Hong Kong organization or an inhabitant something like 18 years of age and familiar with the candidate. Name the sponsor on the application and At that point, the sponsor can go to the Immigration Department to present your application.

Processing Time:

It takes around four to six weeks for processing an application which is sent to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

 There is no expedited service available. If an application is specifically dealt with overseas Chinese embassy/consulate, or the Beijing Office of HKSAR, or the Commissioner Office in Macau, it ordinarily takes four working days to process the visa. What’s more, surge benefit (second-day pickup) and expedited administration (third-day pickup) are accessible. Obviously, candidates must pay additional charges on the off chance that they need to facilitate the procedure.

Hong Kong visa requirements:

Documents which has to be submitted by the applicant are as follows:

1. An appropriately finished Visa Application Form;

2. An ongoing photo of the candidate joined on the application frame;

3. A photocopy of the candidate’s travel report;

4. A photocopy of the confirmation of money related status (for example bank explanation, investment accounts passbooks, impose installment receipts, work declaration, and so forth.);

5. Transportation game plan duplicate (for example flight schedule);

6. The purpose for visit:  Leisure, Family visit, Transit, Business, Study, Employment, Residence on dependent premise. 

Documents which is to be submitted by the sponsor (if any):

  1. If the sponsor is an organization :
  2. An application form of a sponsor.
  3. A photocopy of Business Registration Certificate.
  • If the sponsor is a person :
  • An application form of a sponsor.
  • A photocopy of the support’s HK ID card
  • A photocopy of the support’s movement record (for a non-perpetual occupant of HK as it were)

They can apply through the abroad Chinese international safe embassy or consulate or specifically present the application records to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for endorsement

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