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Learn Rules for Spouse Visa in Canada:

What is a Spouse Visa?

In Canada there is an Immigration Program. This program allow Canada Permanent Residents and Citizens to sponsor their family members to get permanent residency in Canada, but only those who are eligible i.e. he/she must be 18+.

Citizens can sponsor their spouse, grandparents, dependent children also there is a parents sponsorship Canada.

You are eligible to sponsor your spouse only if:

  • You are eligible (18+).
  • The person you are sponsoring must belong to your family class.
  • You should be a Canadian or a citizen of Canada.
  • The spouse must live with their partner in the country for two years after arrival, to become a permanent resident of Canada.

A person follows the Canada immigration express entry System so he/she doesn’t have to go through with the tough Language proficiencies or educational requirements or work experience. All the criteria which is set by CIC i.e. Citizenship and Immigration Canada should be met by the person who want to apply for spouse visa.

Spousal sponsorship:  A procedure which gives an authority to a person who is married with a Canadian citizen to obtain the permanent resettlement.  

If you want to be with your partner in Canada there is no better option than a Spouse Visa. If your spouse want to work in Canada than you can apply for a spouse dependent open work permit along with the spouse immigration visa if your spouse is living with you in Canada on a legitimate visa. Your spouse can start his work in Canada while the PR is being processed.

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time:

After Canada spouse visa processes the application, it reaches the foreign visa office for approval. The processing time for PR dependent visa for Canada is almost about 8 to 10 months.

These are some conditions which you have to fulfill after you apply for your spouse visa that you can:

  • Meet basic need such as food, clothing and shelter for yourself and your family,
  • Support your relative financially and
  • Ensure that your spouse or relatives doesn’t ask the government for financial help

If you want to make your Canada spouse visa process hassle-free, Then contact XIPHIAS IMMIGRATION the best consultant for Canada for smooth visa processing assistance.

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